Fundraiser Shenanigans

Went to a fundraiser with Cindy over the weekend. We ended up getting a babysitter and went out for the night. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does, I tend to drink a lot. Well, I guess I decided to put our names down on some silent auction items. And by “our” names I mean “Cindy’s” name because the tickets were in her name. Well, she got an email saying she had won the tickets to this Canucks game and she needed to come down and pay $240. Well, she was just livid as, of course,  as she didn’t bid on any tickets. Well, she reluctantly went down and got the tickets and it turns out it also includes dinner at a restaurant downtown right close to the Rogers hockey arena.

The funny thing is, I already have tickets to that game! It’s tomorrow on Friday and Canucks are playing Tampa bay. It looks like it’s “date night”. That is, If Cindy will still go with me as she was pretty darn mad about the tickets. I will probably also take my good buddy, who owns a carpet cleaning company, and his wife. He is always doing nice things for us and recently came and did all our carpets for a very good discounted rate. Looks like another expensive night of getting a babysitter. At least the tickets and dinner are already paid for.

Don’t even get me started on the cost of babysitters! They get paid $10/hr to basically sit on the couch and play on their iPhones and i-devices and whatever other technology they are using. We almost always come home to a completely messy house too. I babysat a few times when I was younger and I think I got 3$/hour and you better believe the house had better be spotless when the parents got home or you wouldn’t get paid. How times have changed. Wait, am I sounding old again?