Is Santa Real?

When I was a kid, things didn’t matter.  The price of gas, money, love, debt, heartbreak to name a few.  The only time things got real was when the chain came off on my bike or we lost the puck in a snow bank and it took forever to dig out.  When we were 10 we wanted to be 20.  When we were 20 we wanted to be 30 and now that we are 40 I’d like to be 10 again.  Life happens.  I’m not sure exactly when it did, but it happened.  And it’s not always fun.  The things they teach us in school may seem important at the time but it seems like they’re giving us the wrong tools to make the right choices in life.

Every day I worry.  Maybe it’s stress, but my mind carries a lot of responsibility and it sucks.  Just the other night my son asked me about Santa.  And that took me back to my childhood and the magic of a fat dude bringing me presents.  I loved Santa, I loved the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny was awesome too.  Cindy mentioned the importance of not lying to our kids, but I saw and heard the disappointment in my child with when he thought that maybe there is no Santa.  Nowadays kids are growing up way too fast.  Enjoy the little things and embrace the magic.  The only things I believe in now no longer bring me that much joy.  As we get older we feel older, we look older and we, unfortunately, act older.  What I wouldn’t do to be a kid again and live a life free of stress.  Saturday morning cartoons.  Sleepovers.  Life was perfect.   Now that we are older and have to be adults and responsible, it’s easy to see how relationships can crumble.

There are so many things that go into a life that people neglect the relationships that need attending to.  I want to believe in Santa.   I want to believe that a rabbit brings me chocolate and I want to believe in the magic that I once had with my wife.  Life is short. Once the magic and the hope is gone, you’re not left with much. So believe.